The Accident App

AppsLegal recently released the Accident Mobile App, which law firms can personalize and provide to their clients.

Mobile apps provide unique advantages over all other forms of marketing. They are able to generate client loyalty, professional referrals, publicity – and most importantly, they are able to bring in “winnable cases” by providing high tech tools that help clients document evidence at the scene of an auto accident.


Apps World: All signs are pointing to the explosive growth of the smartphone (iPhone, android phones) market and it is touted to be THE NEXT BIG THING.

According Comscore estimates there are 61.5 million smartphone subscribers in the U.S., most of them either own an Android phone or an iPhone and this number is growing rapidly .Your clients are relying more heavily on their smartphones than they are on their PCs and laptops. Your own Accident App will help you stay in front of millions of smartphone users.














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Hot New Feature: Push Notifications


What are Push Notifications?

Push notification allows an app to notify users of new messages or events without the need to actually open the application, similar to how a text message will make a sound and pop up on the user’s screen.


With this essential feature your firm can now stay connected with all your existing and potential clients enabling your firm to make Important announcements, send reminders, promotional campaigns, referral notifications and much more.


The advantages of push notification:

·         Rich media-friendly, unlike text message.

·         No cost to the customer for rich media, unlike MMS.

·         Can notify users when a message is waiting, creating an in-app inbox.

·         Marketer-friendly interface for campaign setup, send, and reporting. Little IT support is needed.




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