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AI Legal App for your Potential Clients

With Our White-label legal App, Your Firm Can Now Offer Potential Clients $20/month Worth of AI  Enabled Legal Services Completely Free!


Appslegal is excited to introduce the premier AI white-label app solution for personal injury attorneys in the US. Leveraging our unique AI enabled solution (enhanced by chatGPT's - GPT4 services), your firm can provide unmatched AI-driven legal assistance and tools that are sure to impress potential clients and ensure they select your legal services over others.

Providing every potential client with meaningful legal guidance before officially engaging with them is crucial. This not only leaves a memorable impact on the users but also increases the likelihood of them selecting your law firm above competitors.

App Features

We've partnered with OpenAI and Google to provide clients with outstanding AI-driven legal support, helping them address their legal concerns.

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Answer my legal question

This feature provides users with instant, AI-driven responses to their legal inquiries. By leveraging a vast database of legal information, cases, statutes, and expertly curated content, our app aims to deliver accurate and contextually relevant answers in an interactive manner.


Users simply input their legal question into the app, and the AI processes the inquiry, cross-references it with its database, and provides a concise answer in layman's terms.

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Analyse my legal document

This feature offers users a clearer understanding of dense or complex legal verbiage found in their documents (paperback/PDF).


By utilizing advanced natural language processing and understanding algorithms, the app deciphers and breaks down the intricate language of legal documents into simpler, more comprehensible explanations.


Users scan and upload a specific paragraph from their paper-based legal document, and the AI evaluates the context, terminology, and phrasing.


It then provides a detailed yet easy-to-understand summary or explanation. 

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Calculate my case settlement value

This feature provides users with an estimated valuation of their personal injury claims based on various factors and historical data. By leveraging a combination of machine learning models and a vast database of past personal injury settlements, the app offers a ballpark figure of what a user might expect in a settlement.


Users will need input specific details about their case, such as the nature of the injury, medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other relevant factors. The AI then processes this information, compares it against historical settlement data, and considers jurisdictional nuances, potential legal precedents, and other critical variables.


The result is an estimated range or figure for the potential settlement value. 

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Analyse my Medical Bill

This feature offers users a comprehensive review of their medical bills using AI-driven algorithms. It breaks down charges into understandable terms, compares costs with regional or national averages, detects potential billing errors, and provides actionable recommendations.


This tool empowers users by promoting transparency and fairness in medical billing, ensuring they aren't overcharged. While insightful, users are advised to consult professionals for complex billing issues.

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Learn Basics of any Legal Topic

This feature provides users an interactive platform to delve into the foundational aspects of any legal subject.


Through direct and interactive interaction with the AI, users receive tailored explanations, enabling them to grasp the essentials of their chosen legal topic.


This feature serves as a dynamic entry point for those keen on understanding the nuances of legal matters, all through intuitive AI engagement.

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Talk to AI

This feature allows users with legal queries to voice their concerns and questions directly to the app.


Upon receiving the verbal input, the app transcribes these spoken inquiries into text for evaluation. After processing, the app translates the text-based answers back into audible speech, delivering an interactive voice response.


This intuitive voice interface caters especially to individuals seeking legal clarity, offering a convenient method for those who favor verbal communication over written form.

Benefits to Law Firm


Convert More Leads

Providing AI powered timely legal advice, after the intake call can leave a profound impression on potential clients, increasing the likelihood they'll choose your law firm over competitors.


Generate more leads

Actively incorporating the App into all your marketing and advertising initiatives can boost lead generation for your firm by up to 25%.


Unparalleled Branding

Elevate your law firm's presence and reputation with distinctive branding. Stand out from the competition, create memorable impressions, and solidify your firm's position as a leading legal authority in the industry.

Importance of ChatGPT AI

ChatGPT, emanating from the forefront of artificial intelligence, has pioneered a new era in legal information accessibility, functioning as a virtual legal assistant. Its extensive knowledge base, paired with its adeptness at comprehending and addressing multifaceted legal queries, positions it as an indispensable resource for professionals and individuals navigating the intricate labyrinth of legal frameworks in the digital age.


Unlike traditional legal resources, ChatGPT provides instantaneous feedback, customized responses, and an ongoing informational experience, bridging the divide between formal legal education and independent research.


Its pivotal role in democratizing access to legal knowledge and assisting users underscores the transformative potential of AI in reshaping the landscape of the legal industry.


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We are the leading developers of white-label Apps for personal injury attorneys in the US market. Since 2012, we've crafted custom legal apps for more than 750 personal injury law firms.

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